Lviv is the biggest city in the west Ukraine. Until now, the exact date of birth of the city has not been known: the generally accepted date is 1256 being the year of the first mention of Lviv in the ancient Russky Chronicle. Since old times when Danylo Halytsky, the Prince, founded Lviv people of many ethnic traditions and religious denominations have lived together in our town which creates a unique atmosphere of the city and tremendously enriches its culture. The fact that the lion’s share of all the historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine preeminently fall at the town of Leo – Lviv – provides a vivid evidence of the later. In 1998, the historical centre of Lviv was entered in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Lviv is created for poets, artists, musicians, fans of the beauty, because he is like a song, like a legend.

It is the city of old history, varied culture and high art.

Lviv… How he draws attention to itself, in what its originality and uniqueness? All seek to unreveal the mystery of Lviv. You can’t resist the phenomenon of incredibly attractive city. Bells and silence, walls of know about the city much more than any other people. Hundreds of lions in day and night are guarding his heart.

This is the town with Castle and the same time without it: Vysoky and Nyzky hide there mysteries. This is town with the river which no one can see: the main river of Lviv called Poltva has been flowing under the city fettered in the stony bed for more than a hundred years.

There are many buildings and structures dating back more than a few hundred years and a variety of different architectural styles can be seen, East and West meet here.

Many tourists find themselves in a special environment when they passed by the monuments and old structures, like they were touched by the spirit of the past.

It is said that: “It is better to see once than hear about it hundred times”. Old Lion is gladly waiting for new visitors from all over the globe.